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About Gus

Gus started selling his specialty jerky in 1996 with one defining principle , "give the people what they want."  Since then, Gus's line of products has expanded to include honey, dried fruit, nuts, and olives.  You may have visited one of his retail locations in California or Arizona, and if you have, you know how dedicated Gus is to making the best jerky in the world.

Gus's Fresh Jerky is made from only the best cuts of meat, marinated, seasoned and vacuum sealed to maintain freshness.  We do not use preservatives in our jerky, and all of our ingredients are 100% natural.  



580 US HWY 395

Olancha, CA  93549 

928-565-2600 (Golden Valley Location)

702-203-3421 ( Searchlight Location)


Here is a recent picture of Gus outside his store in Olancha, Ca.